Veta 5.2.90 Released

This release contains numerous fixes.


  • Fix: Map was showing the Search button, which is not applicable here.
  • Fix: TDS compaction files could not be imported if the footprint information was not stored with the ICMV.
  • Fix: Projects using TDS compaction files sometimes had the wrong frequency and/or temperature data due to an issue with measurement units. Existing projects will be reprocessed.
  • Change: TDS compaction files without icmv-compaction-mode can now be imported. The compaction mode will be set to Static for all data.
  • Change: TDS compaction files without footprint-parallel can now be imported. This item is not used for compaction data.


  • Fix: Crash when adding rows to the location filter grid.
  • Fix: Start and Stop coordinates for offset location filters were not always shown using the selected coordinate system.

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