What is Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiling?

What is paver-mounted thermal profiling?

Paver-mounted thermal profiling (PMTP) is sensor technology mounted on top of a paver that measures the asphalt surface temperature profiles behind a paver at full paving width to indicate potential for temperature segregation. PMTP is often used in combination with Intelligent Compaction (IC) to improve asphalt paving quality.

The temperature sensors used by PMTP can be either scanning infrared sensors or a thermal camera mounted high up on a paver. The temperature profiles are normally divided in 30 cm by 30 cm grids, where an average surface temperature is reported within each grid.

Normally, every 50-meter section of full-width temperature profiles is analyzed to determine the levels of temperature segregation. Example methods are the US AASHTO PP80 standard (no/medium/severe segregation) and an improved Thermal Segregation Index (TSI) method developed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MNDOT) and The Transtec Group’s Veta team.


paver-mounted thermal profiling

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