How Can I Implement Intelligent Compaction?

How Can I Implement Intelligent Compaction?

IC technologies can be beneficial for various pavement materials, including subgrade soils, subbase, and asphalt mixture materials.

The IC Road Map outlines the most efficient way to begin implementing IC—these strategies will help you overcome potential gaps or barriers. It consists of four major tracks with three subtracks under each:

Track 1:

Equipment and Technologies

  • Subtrack 1.1: Standardization of IC roller measurement systems
  • Subtrack 1.2: Practical use of GPS in IC
  • Subtrack 1.3: Valid in-situ point tests to correlate with IC measurements

Track 2:

Data Management and Integration

  • Subtrack 2.1: National IC database and data collection guidelines
  • Subtrack 2.2: Standardization of IC data storage and exchange
  • Subtrack 2.3: A software tool for IC data viewing and reporting

Track 3:


  • Subtrack 3.1: National guidelines for IC QC/QA specifications
  • Subtrack 3.2: Expert Task Group (ETG) for AASHTO IC specification development
  • Subtrack 3.3: Technical support for States specifications development and customization

Track 4:

Technology Transfer and Training

  • Subtrack 4.1: IC workshops and certification
  • Subtrack 4.2: IC field demonstration
  • Subtrack 4.3: IC website and knowledge base

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