IC Technical Support Center

Welcome to the Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center!

Services are provided by The Transtec Group, a pavement engineering firm with over 12 years of experience working with IC⁠—the most extensive in the industry.

The Transtec Group

We provide the following services:

  • HelpDesk Support: Online and phone support.
  • Training Workshops: Lecturer-led on-site or online training workshops.
  • Field Project Support: On-site field support, just-in-time-training (JITT), and data management/analysis/reporting.
  • Support Package: Protocol development, customized training, IC-PMTP project field support, data analysis/reporting, specification development/refinement, industry feedback, and an executive summary report.


We provide HelpDesk support online over phone calls. The scope of the HelpDesk support includes all questions on:

  • Veta software, including download, installation, data import, analysis, and reporting
  • Intelligent Compaction (IC) technologies
  • Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiling (PMTP) technologies

HelpDesk Support Cost

The technical support cost is as follows:

  • Starting a new ticket: USD $180
  • Resolving issues and closing a ticket: billed at USD $200/hour for the service hours exceeding one hour.

To pay with a credit card, please call +1 (512) 451-6233 and ask for Elvia.

Please make checks payable to “The Transtec Group” and indicate the FreshDesk ticket number. The mailing address is: The Transtec Group (ICTC), 6111 Balcones Drive, Austin TX 78731.


We provide lecturer-led Intelligent Construction Data Management (ICDM) and Veta training workshops typically in a one-day format or a half-day format. The workshop goals are:

  • To understand the basics of the Intelligent Compaction (IC) and Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiles (PMTP) technologies and Veta software.
  • To understand DOT IC/PMTP specifications and how to meet the requirements
  • To understand the IC/PMTP data collection, data characteristics, and trouble shooting.
  • To practice hands-on Veta analysis to understand how to meet DOT’s expectation.

A typical workshop agenda looks like:

08:30 am     Veta software setup and checks
09:00 am     Session 1 – IC/PMTP Basics
09:45 am     Session 2 – IC/PMTP Field Data Collection & Management (I)
10:30 am     Break
10:45 am     Session 3 – IC/PMTP Field Data Collection & Management (II)
12:00 pm     Break
01:00 pm     Session 4 – IC/PMTP Data Analysis & Interpretation
02:15 pm     Break
02:30 pm     Session 5 – IC/PMTP Trouble Shooting
03:30 pm     Session 6 – Review and Discussion
04:00 pm     Adjourn

The format of the training workshops can be customized to meet any local needs for on-site or online.

Get Started With a Training Workshop

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    We provide field project support that includes any combination of the following:

    • On-site field technical support: includes one of our technical staff on-site for the first 2 to 3 days of construction to provide technical support.
    • Just-in-time-training (JITT): includes 4 to 8 hours of hands-on Veta classroom and ICT field training. ICT field training can be combined with ICT dealers’ support.
    • Data management/analysis/reporting: includes exporting and downloading data files, Veta analysis, identification of issues and solutions, reports, etc.

    Get Started With Field Project Support

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      We provide complete package of IC-PMTP-Veta support for agencies or companies. The package can be a combination of the following:

      • Protocol development: Protocol for IC/PMTP project planning, data file management, check lists and standard forms.
      • Training: Lecturer-led on-site training workshops on ICDM/Veta
      • IC/PMTP field support: On-site field project support, just-in-time training, troubleshooting, etc.
      • Data analysis and reporting: Data management, analysis, issues-and-solutions, and reporting.
      • Specification development/refinement: Reviews and comments on new IC and PMTP specification development or refinement of existing specifications
      • Industry feedback: Conduct industry feedback meetings and assistance resolving any technical issues.
      • Executive summary: Conduct a summary report, presentation, and questions-and-answers for agency executives.

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        Support Staff

        The Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center Staff is led by Dr. George K. Chang, Director of Research at The Transtec Group. Support staff also includes Jason Dick, the developer of Veta, and Dr. Abbasali TaghaviGhalesari and Amanda Gilliland, both ICDM/Veta workshop trainers.

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