Veta 6.0.121 Released

Many fixes. Please review the release notes below for more information.

Data Import

  • Fixed: Files using GDA94 or GDA2020 coordinate systems could not be imported.
  • Fixed: Some TDS files could not be imported.


  • Fixed: Fixed issue with cold-edge filter removing large quantities of data.
  • Fixed: Transverse semivariogram did not work when the source data was in Celsius.
  • Fixed: ICMV filtering did not work.
  • Fixed: The AASHTO naming template did not always show the correct route systems.


  • Fixed: The Transverse semivariogram analysis was not correct for non-MOBA thermal profilers.
  • Fixed: After sorting the Transverse semivariogram table, selecting a row highlights the wrong sublot on the map. This is partially fixed and will be addressed in a later update.
  • Fixed: Thermal profile was cutoff when a large number of sensors were present.
  • Fixed: Overall speed analysis was ignoring the filtering settings.


  • Fixed: Excel report could sometimes not be created when there was an error with a sublot analysis.


  • Fixed: Various crashes.

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