Veta 6.0.127 Released

Veta Intelligent Construction

Many fixes. Please review the release notes below for more information.

Data Import

  • Fixed: MOBA-provided fix for downloaded files that have incorrect timestamps due to UTC month change.


  • Fixed: Offset location filters might be invalid but show as valid.


  • Fixed: Legends imported from a file or previous version of Veta could contain invalid values. Customizing these legends would cause the software to freeze if the values were not corrected.


  • Fixed: Thermal profiler sublots that had no data would cause the sublot analysis to fail.
  • Fixed: Sublot coverage area was sometimes displayed in the wrong unit.


  • Fixed: Data lot report could be incorrect when checking if all thermal profiler sensors were selected. Likely caused by removing a data file that had more sensors than the other files.
  • Change: Data lot report now includes the name of the machine category to match the other reports.


  • Fixed: Various crashes.

Fixed: Some Veta 5 projects could not be opened.

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Veta Intelligent Construction