Evaluation of Levels 3-4 ICMV for Soils Subgrade and Aggregate Subbase Compaction

Dr. George K. Chang (Transtec Group, President of ISIC)  and Dr. Soheil Nazarian (UTEP, Vice President of ISIC), will provide an update on the NRRA research study “Evaluation of Levels 3-4 Intelligent Compaction Measurement Values (ICMV) for Soils Subgrade and Aggregate Subbase Compaction” at 10:30AM US CDT on August 6, 2020.  This update will be in replacement for the typical NRRA ICT monthly meeting. No registration is required. You can use this Skype link to attend this meeting:  https://meet.lync.com/mn365/lauren.dao/YD5Z411V.

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