Intelligent Construction Workshops

Intelligent Construction Data Management (ICDM) – Veta workshops help inform industry professionals about Intelligent Construction Technologies (ICT) for pavements and how to use ICTs to improve construction quality control to ensure longer pavement lives.

The ICTs focused in these workshops include Intelligent Compaction (IC), Paver-mounted Thermal Profiles (PMTP), and Testing Rolling.

Due to ICT’s relative newness to most departments of transportation and contractors, ICDM-Veta workshops are crucial for bringing people up to speed on implementation of ICT to improve construction quality controls for all pavement materials. To accelerate the implementation of ICT, these ICDM-Veta workshops aim to achieve technology transfer and hands-on Veta training in just one day.

Intelligent construction workshops will help attendees:

  • Learn the basics of IC/PMTP and Veta software.
  • Understand DOT IC/PMTP specifications and how to meet the requirements.
  • Master the IC/PMTP data collection, data characteristics, and trouble shooting.
  • Practice hands-on Veta analysis with many case studies.

Who Should Attend?

IC workshops are designed for all levels of professionals in the earthwork and paving industry:

  • DOT Construction Engineers, QC/QA Personnel, and Spec Writers
  • Paving Managers, Superintendents, and QC Personnel
  • Earthworks Managers, Superintendents, and QC Personnel
  • IC Roller Manufacturers, Dealers, and Technical Support
  • PMTP Manufacturers, Dealers, and Technical Support
  • GPS Vendors
Veta Intelligent Construction

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