2019 Workshops

2019 Workshops

February 26, 2019Jefferson City, MO, USA

Inivitation by : MODOT

April 16, 2019Beijing, China

IICTG 2019 Conference, 4/16-17

April 22, 2019Tokyo, Japan

First Japanese Intelligent Compaction (IC) workshop

May 14, 2019Chicago, Illinois, USA

Register via : ILDOT

May 17, 2019Springfield, Illinois, USA

Register via : ILDOT

June 3-4,2019Gold Coast, Australia

Register via : ARRB

August 18, 2019New South Wales, Australia

18th AAPA International Flexible Pavements Conference

September 25,2019Trenton, NJ, USA

Contact : Frank Palise of AID

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