Veta 5.2.71 Released

Veta Software Update

This release fixes various issues. Most importantly, an issue where the sublots length was not always displayed correctly and a large increase in project size.


  • Fix: TDS files using the WGS 84 projection could not be imported.


  • Fix: Analysis crashes.
  • Fix: Wrong thresholds were drawn on the Differential and Segregation Quality Control charts.


  • Fix: Filter group manager crash.
  • Fix: Renaming a generated filter group did not automatically update the operation filter names in the coverage analysis or in the filter screen.


  • Fix: Value shown for the length did not always match the displayed unit (meters or feet).


  • Fix: Projects created in some previous versions of Veta 5.x would increase in size when re-saved.
  • Fix: Possible fix for the legend window not closing.
  • Fix: Changing a map legend in the analysis did not update other maps.

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