Veta 5.2.86 Released

This release contains numerous fixes.


  • Fix: Creating a project using the New Project button and then adding raw compaction data did not work. Also see addition to Known Issues.
  • Fix: When simultaneously importing both new and replacement files, only the new data was available. Affected projects will be reprocessed when opened.
  • Fix: The coordinate system was not detected in a TDS file if icmv-compaction-mode was present.
  • Fix: Frequency in Dynapac files was imported using the wrong units. Affected projects will be reprocessed when opened.
  • Fix: TDS files containing icmv-compaction-mode did not have their coordinate system detected automatically.


  • Fix: Alignments of less than 1000 meters could not be used as they were not imported correctly. These alignments will need to be removed added to the project again.


  • Fix: Report button is now hidden when a project does not contain data.

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