Veta 6.0.112 Released

Many fixes. Thank you to everyone who allows automatic reporting of errors (in the Options). This leads a more stable product. Most of these issues were not reported by people and so would otherwise go unfixed.

Data Import

  • Fixed: Crash when using an invalid organization name for the Trimble downloader and improved input validation.
  • Fixed: Issue with adding PMTP files to an existing project with PMTP files.
  • Fixed: Added files from a new machine type to an existing project could cause a crash.

Data Files

  • Fixed: Screen did not update correctly when files were added.
  • Fixed: Removing multiple files caused a crash.


  • Fixed: The list of files did not update when files were removed from the project.
  • Fixed: Adding files from a new machine type did not update the filters list.
  • Fixed: Cold-edge filter did not apply for new projects.
  • Fixed: Right-clicking on the map could show options that were not allowed, leading to a crash.
  • Change: Exclusions should work much better. The exclusion will not be cropped to match the location filter unless both the location filter and exclusion each contain at least four points.


  • Fixed: Deleting a filter group did not update the list of filter groups for analysis and could cause the analysis to fail.
  • Fixed: Deleting a filter group after an analysis could cause a crash.
  • Fixed: Compactor analysis failed if only Individual Passes was selected.
  • Fixed: Crash when selecting PMTP-related results when the analysis for those results failed.
  • Fixed: A sublot with a ‘bad’ outline would cause all of the sublot results to not be shown.


  • Fixed: Various issues that prevented the Excel report from being created.


  • Fixed: The software sometimes did not immediately show on the Windows taskbar.
  • Fixed: Opening a project that had a filter group applied would sometimes show as not applied.
  • Fixed: Crash when creating a new project.
  • Fixed: Viewing or editing project properties with a new or empty project could cause a crash.
  • Fixed: Double-click a toolbar button could cause a crash.

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