IICTG (now ISIC) 2019 Conference a Big Success

IICTG 2019 Conference

The 2nd International Intelligent Construction Technology Conference (IICTG) was a big success from April 16 to 17, 2019. The conference was held in Beijing, China after the first conference in Minnesota, USA in 2017. There were about 300 attendees for the 2019 conference, topping the one in 2017, pushing the momentum for intelligent construction to a higher level.

During this conference, the IICTG committee has made a very important decision to rename IICTG as ISIC – International Society for Intelligent Construction. The Chinese translation is “国际智能建设学会”. With this new name and broaden scope, ISIC will provide the unique platform for the intelligent constructions for decades to come!

Download the conference brochure for a glimpse at the conference agenda, presentations, etc. Further details about the conference contents, presentation summaries, technical panel discussions, and committee meeting will be posted on the IICTG website www.IICTG.org (soon be updated to www.IS-IC.org ).

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