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In effort to encompass the broadened range of Intelligent Construction Technologies (ICT), is now

The mission of the new website is to promote the applications of ICT to the life cycle of infrastructure—from survey, design, construction, operation, and maintenance/rehabilitation—by adapting to changes of environments and minimizing risks. The website will include information about current and emerging intelligent construction technologies for the life cycle of infrastructure, including intelligent sensing, data analysis, decision-making, and execution.

Users can still download Veta software for free at Veta is a map-based tool for viewing and analyzing geospatial data. The software can import data from various intelligent compaction (IC) machines and paver-mounted thermal profilers (PMTP) to perform viewing, filtering, sublotting, spot test imports, and analysis. Veta displays compaction information in easy-to-read formats, including graphs and maps.

Veta 5

Information on the website and Veta/ICT technical support is provided by The Transtec Group, a pavement engineering firm with over 12 years of experience working with ICT—the most extensive in the industry. For support, visit the Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center.

Download Veta

Veta is a map-based tool for viewing and analyzing geospatial data. Download Veta for free.

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