Veta 5.2.81 Released

Veta Software Update

This release contains numerous fixes.


  • Fix: Machine name and Data lot were not imported correctly from TDS files.
  • Fix: Speed was not calculated for thermal profiler TDS files.


  • Fix: Some stations equations were not imported correctly.
  • Fix: Alignments that used international feet could not be imported.

Spot Tests

  • Fix: A blank value for a spot test caused a crash.
  • Fix: Pasting spot tests with an unknown test type and then attempting to copy the spot tests to the clipboard caused a crash.
  • Change: An unrecognized test type is now labeled as “Other”.
  • Change: “Other” can now be selected as a test type.


  • Fix: If a previous project had been opened, the IC pass count specification and paver temperature specification showed the values from the previous project. Changes to these specifications would be not applied to the current project.
  • Fix: Thermal profiling semivariogram results were not always displayed using the selected location unit for the project.


  • Fix: Some projects created in previous version of Veta could not be opened.

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