ISIC webinar – Automation in Construction on Oct. 8, 2020

The International Society for Intelligent Construction (ISIC) will conduct the next webinar on Automation in Construction. A panel of industry experts (including Caterpillar, TOPCON, WSB, Headlight, US FLDOT, and US FHWA) will present the current state-of-the-practice using AMG, followed by a discussion of the challenges/solutions that are motivating the construction industry to adopt fully-autonomous construction equipment. The registration fee is USD $99 for non-ISIC members. It is free for ISIC members. Not a member yet, join ISIC for free! We will provide certificates of 0.2 PDH to participants. Register and secure your seat now!

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NRRA Webinar on Evaluation of Level 3-4 ICMV – 9/30/2020

The NRRA research update on “Evaluation of Level 3-4 ICMV” is rescheduled to be on: Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 10:30 am to 11:30 am, Central Daylight Time, US (Chicago, GMT-05:00). Dr. George K. Chang (Transtec Group and ISIC) and Prof. Soheil Nazarian (UTEP and ISIC) will provide the project update. See the NRRA “Evaluation of Level 3-4 ICMV” webpage for further information about this study.

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Evaluation of Levels 3-4 ICMV for Soils Subgrade and Aggregate Subbase Compaction

Dr. George K. Chang (Transtec Group, President of ISIC)  and Dr. Soheil Nazarian (UTEP, Vice President of ISIC), will provide an update on the NRRA research study “Evaluation of Levels 3-4 Intelligent Compaction Measurement Values (ICMV) for Soils Subgrade and Aggregate Subbase Compaction” at 10:30AM US CDT on August 6, 2020.  This update will be in replacement for the typical NRRA ICT monthly meeting. No registration is required. You can use this Skype link to attend this meeting:

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Register Now: BIM for Pavements Webinar

The International Society for Intelligent Construction (ISIC) is hosting a Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Pavements webinar on July 29, 2020 at 9 am CDT (3 pm Portugal; 10 pm China). 

BIM has been proven successful in the vertical industry, where integrating design-construction data has resulted in benefits such as improved efficiency and cost-saving. The industry has increasingly used BIM for the horizontal industry involving infrastructure. BIM for Pavements is a new area in infrastructure applications with the potential to achieve improved benefits for pavement construction.

This webinar will focus on cross-platform technology instead of individual product/solution, lay out a practical road map, and showcase tools and methodology to implement BIM for pavements.


  • Jim Preston, Intelligent Paving Specialist, TOPCON
  • Paul M. Carlson, Director, Business Development, Digital Construction Works
  • Kevin Schlereth, Director, Delivery Technology Group, HNTB
  • Luigi Vendittelli, OEM Support Manager, N.A., Leica Geosystems, Inc.
  • JD Nelson, OEM and Specialty Markets Manager N.A., Leica Geosystems, Inc.


  • Dr. George K. Chang, PE, President of ISIC

The registration fee free for ISIC members, and is USD $99 for non-ISIC members. Become an ISIC member for free.


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Please Help Campaign to Keep Veta funded by TPF

Veta is free to download, but not free to enhance and maintain. Veta is currently funded by the TPF-5(354) study. Starting in 2021, Veta will be sponsored by the joint TPF study by merging the NRRA and TPF-5(354).  Please contact your local DOT research department and ask them to join the Transportation Pooled Fund Solicitation 1531 “National Road Research Alliance – NRRA (Phase-II)” to keep Veta available and free to download!

Transportation pooled fund program
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AAPA Master Class on Intelligent Compaction in July 2020

The Australian Asphalt Paving Association (AAPA) will conduct its 2020 Master Class that is aligned with the AAPA continual improvement program to improve flexible pavement construction outcomes and supports the use of smart technology in process control and product acceptance to improve the quality and consistency of the delivered product. The first 2020 Virtual Master Class on Intelligent Compaction (IC) will give the chance to interact with global experts, to familiarize with fundamentals of IC and to develop practical skills with data analysis using Veta software. The speakers include Dr. George K. Chang of Transtec Group (also President of International Society for Intelligent Construction – ISIC), Prof. Soheil Nazarian of UTEP (also Vice President of ISIC), Ms. Rebecca Embacher of MNDOT (also a Technical Committee member of ISIC), and Dr. Jeffrey Lee of ARRB (also a Technical Committee member of ISIC). Check out more details and register to reserve your seat now!

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Intelligent Construction and Veta Online Workshops

The Transtec Group now offers Intelligent Construction and Veta Online Workshops that cover intelligent construction data management (ICDM) with the latest Veta 6.0 software through the Intelligent Construction Technical Support Center ( The topics can include Intelligent Compaction (IC) and Paver-Mounted Thermal Profiles (PMTP) (a.k.a. IR) and other emerging technologies such as Dielectric Profiles (e.g., rolling density meters), etc. The contents can be customized to fit to your needs. Contact us if you and your companies/agencies are interested in such workshops. Find out

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ISIC Starts Online Membership

The International Society for Intelligent Construction (ISIC) is a source for knowledge and information on intelligent construction technologies for public agencies, contractors, consultants, academia, and other relevant industries. The ISIC just starts its online membership ( All existing ISIC members will receive confirmation emails with instructions to to logon the online member and update their profiles. The goal of using such online membership is to allow ISIC to serve its members and facilitate future ISIC activities. For those who are interested in joining ISIC, please register online. Check out more about ISIC!

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Monumental Intelligent Compaction (IC) Report – NCHRP 24-45

The monumental Intelligent Compaction (IC) report – NCHRP 24-45 just got released! Download the report from The full title is “Evaluating Mechanical Properties of Earth Material During Intelligent Compaction”. This is an arduous 4-year-long efforts of the UTEP team (@University of Texas in El Paso), led by Prof. Soheil Nazarian. I’m just so proud to be one of the consultants for this research! This research and report has taken IC to the next level — measuring modulus or mechanical properties with IC. It also sets the foundation to measure layer by layer properties and push IC closer to be used as a compaction quality acceptance tool to ensure pavement foundation and the entire pavement structure be adequate and uniform for long lasting pavements. It’s applications can also be extended to ports, landfill covers, earth dam, and etc. Go IC! @International Society for Intelligent Construction

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2020 Workshops and Events Schedule Update

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